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Software engineer with a proven track record of building impactful products, now working at the intersection of generative AI and software systems.


2019.03 ~ Google - Senior Software Engineer

Google Labs

  • Augmenting capabilities of LLMs by developing integrated features like function calling and retrieval, empowering developers to create transformative applications.
  • Crafting and deploying internal applications to tackle real-world challenges and exploring the boundaries of AI – leading to continued development of LLMs with similar features.
  • Launched: Gemini API, Function calling and Semantic retriever.

Android App Safety

Google Home/Nest

2015.02-2019.03 TCI (Teledata Communication Inc.) - Software Engineer

  • Developed Loan Origination SaaS, Decision Lender 4x, from inception to launch.
  • Owned multiple feature verticals, third-party integrations, and platform development.
  • Onboarded hundreds of clients, contributing to significant revenue growth.
  • The product was later acquired by MeridianLink, which subsequently went public in 2021.

2010.06-2013.08 Samsung Electronics - Senior Software Engineer

  • Founding member of R&D center in Bangladesh.
  • Key work includes embedded systems, SoC verification, feature phone OS, Web-P on reconfigurable processor, smartphone apps etc.



  • Flag enthusiast and webmaster of, a resource on flag information (work in progress).
  • Co-founder and publisher of, a platform that fostered the growth of Bengali literature.
  • Designed the Sonnivo Bengali keyboard layout.
  • 2007 ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional, 11th Place.
  • Grognard Extraordinaire at Wikipedia English.

Language agnostic. Recently: C++, Java, TS, Python; Previously: C, C#, JS, PHP, ASM etc. Want to try: Go, Rust.

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