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  • 2019.03 ~ Google - Senior Software Engineer
    • Driving cross org efforts exploring the possibilities and applications of large language models and generative AI. These led to some announced and upcoming public launches.
    • Led multiple cross-team and cross-org collaborations to build, maintain and improve backend infra that ensures Trust & Safety of the Android ecosystem. Accelerated launch of various crucial safety reviews including Play Safety Labels.
    • Built Google Nest’s backend ML platform that powers Home/Away Presence Sensing and Home Routines.
  • 2015.02-2019.03 TCI (Teledata Communication Inc.) - Software Engineer
    • Built TCI’s new Loan Origination SaaS - Decision Lender 4x from the ground up, launched and onboarded hundreds of clients.
    • Owned multiple feature verticals, third-party integrations and horizontal platform
    • The product was later sold to MeridianLink, which IPO‘d in 2021
  • 2010.06-2013.08 Samsung Electronics - Senior Software Engineer
    • R&D: Embedded, System Software, DSP.



  • Vexillophile & Webmaster, - compendium of flag info.
  • Publisher & Editor, – Bengali literary platform.
  • Designed Sonnivo Bengali keyboard layout.
  • Awarded Icon of the Month, Samsung Electronics.
  • 2007 ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional, 11th Place.
  • More projects:

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